Terms & Conditions

§ 1 Eligibility

(1) Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Generally it is allowed for persons under 18 years of age to create a custom Aircraft with the given tool on the website, but these must then list a contact person that is 18 years or older. This contact person will then only qualify as a potential winner.

(2) Employees of SunExpress Günes Ekspress Havacilik A.S. and SunExpress Deutschland GmbH may not participate.

(3) SunExpress reserves the right to expel anyone from the contest who defies the listed terms and conditions, especially against anyone who tries to manipulate the contest to his/her benefit.

(4) Participation and odds of winning do not rely on purchase of any goods or utilization of any service whatsoever.

§ 2 Participation

The raffle is not related to Facebook and is neither sponsored, supported nor organized by Facebook.
Participants assure that publication of their photo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or www.SunExpress.com does not harm rights of any third party, especially copyrights and intellectual property rights. The participant also completely dismisses SunExpress from pretence of a third party seeking to pursue legal actions in any way, shape or form.

The participation is free and not associated or connected with utilization of goods and services or advertising efforts.
We will record all Facebook Names of the participants and save them during the determination of the winner. All data will be, latest 30 days after the raffle, deleted. We will only save address data from the winner in order to ship the prizes. No data will be given to thrid parties. The participant is entitled to legal right to information, right of revision and cancellation right.

§ 3 Prize

(1) The winner receives following prize:
1. One Boeing 737-800 Model Aircraft (scale 1:100) with his/her personal design (as designed on website). The winner will also receive SunExpress Tickets for two persons (and return-tickets) from an airport of departure of his/her choice to a SunExpress destination of his/her choice. The booking is to be requested first. Limited seat-allotments. Flights can be booked anytime, excluding peak season, school holiday dates and general holidays such as Sugar Feast and Eid al-Adha. The winner can neither be disbursed, nor transfer his win to any other person.

§ 4 Time Period

The contest will end 27.09.2015 at 23:59.

§ 5 Ascertainment of Winner

The winner is picked from any participant who fulfills and complies with the terms and conditions and submitted his/her photo in the given time period. The winner will be determined approximately 14 business days after entry deadline. The Jury will select the 10 best designs and will publish them on all Facebook channels of SunExpress. Winner will be, whose design will have the most “likes” on all our Facebook profiles.

§ 6 Notification

The contestant, who has designed his aircraft with the tool, will be notified on the submitted email address. After initial notification, the winner must provide his full mailing address to SunExpress no later than seven days after receipt of the notification email, otherwise the prize decays.

§ 7 Publication

Participants grant their explicit permission that their submitted photo may be uploaded on SunExpress’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account and/or www.SunExpress.com. Participants also grant SunExpress permission to use their first name and the first letter of their surname, when publishing the winning picture. This approval can be revoked anytime in written form (SocialMedia@SunExpress.com). Revoking the approval for the use of the participants name has no effect on the competition itself.

§ 8 Rules of Conduct

Comments against the Facebook guidelines, the german right or the copyright will be, without notification, deleted. The participant then will be excluded from winnings.
SunExpress reserves the right to expel any contestant that tries to manipulate the competition and/or doesn’t comply with the given terms and conditions. SunExpress also reserves the right to immediately expel anyone who submits obscene, defamatory or insulting content.

§ 9 Legal Process

Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

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Unfortunately our editors have to review your design before we can publish it in our gallery, in order to exclude all discriminating and racist designs from the contest. It may take a few hours until your design is published. As soon as your design goes live, we will make sure to email you. Thanks for understanding!


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